Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Who do eye belong to ?

To come across a roving flock of these little birds is an absolute delight as they travel about in extended family groups flitting from tree to tree foraging for their preferred food which mainly comprises of invertebrates and seeds. 

Sociable, energetic and acrobatic sums this species up. 14cm long of which the tail accounts for 9cm they are unmistakable both in flight and during their very brief periods of rest.

In winter the size of the family parties may swell as unrelated '' helpers '' join the troupe which roosts and huddles together to retain body heat.

Final clue, whereas the adult has a yellow eye ring that of the juvenile is red.

It is of course the Long Tailed Tit !. 


  1. The yellow eye ring gave it away lol

  2. Just a bit of fun Douglas, an experienced birder like yourself would spot it straight away, cheers, John.