Friday, 18 July 2014

Update - Barn Owls at Titchmarsh LNR

I went down to the location of the nesting box the other evening, after about thirty minutes heads started appearing at the entrance and one by one SIX owls appeared and flew to perch in the tree behind the box.

What a sight and what a success to fledge four owlets !.

As I stated in the first post about these Owls, voles in the area have themselves bred well this year reflecting the clement weather throughout Spring and to date so the food supply has been very good.

I understand that the Parents will continue to feed the Owlets for between three to five weeks after fledging before the young are actively encouraged to disperse, they are thought to establish their own territories on average within a ten mile radius of their hatching locale.  

What chance of a second brood ?.

These are realy '' record shots '' as the box and tree are beyond the reach of my 300mm F4 lens even with a 1.4 TC fitted.

            All six Owls at rest, the sixth bird is partially hidden in the left hand huddle. 


  1. Great to hear they are doing so well

  2. Yes, I am not sure yet if they have moved on, they certainly were not out last night by 9.30.