Sunday, 27 July 2014

One good Tern ........

I just love to watch Common Terns, they are tremendous with their bouncy aerobatics as they hunt and dive for fish.

In my experience I have found that they are easier to photograph from a bridge over a river rather than a larger expanse of water as they tend to stay within the confines of the river banks and you can also get nearer to their flight level.

The other thing that I have noticed through observation behaviour-wise is that they '' hawk '' Dragonflies '' like birds of prey. In this connection I attach an image that I got as a record shot with sincere apologies for the quality.

I have also seen them hawking over meadows in the late afternoon and early evening rather like Swallows

                                                                Great flyers

                                                                  Just starting a dive

 I am not usually a fan of '' head-on '' images but in this case I rather liked the composition       

    I may be wrong but I think the fish is a Pike

Hawking a Dragonfly -  a record shot taken hurriedly at long range, apologies once again for the image quality.  

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  1. Great shots John and in my opinion a seriously underated bird. It is a pike in the picture too.