Saturday, 9 May 2015

Distant record shot of ......

..... a Cuckoo from the south hide at the reserve.

A bit distant for my 420mm lens combination and therefore a bit '' soft ''. At one point both male and female were '' in frame '' fluttering about but, as is so often the case with these birds, obscured by foliage.

( It strikes me that bird photography is a bit like cookery ..... if a vegetable is '' in season '' you make the most of it  preparing dishes that feature its availability  ..... if a particular seasonal bird species is present in numbers we make the most of it and post images of them with great frequency ...... ). 

My current favourite seasonal species are Hobby Hawks, Cuckoo ..... and all Warblers.


  1. Thanks again John ! ....... latest reports suggest that there are a pair and two single males

  2. Thanks Graham, spent a nice half hour late afternoon watching Hobby hawking the Heronry pit and got a better image of Cuckoo.

  3. Well done John. I've been photographing two of your (and mine) favourite species today. Cuckoo's aren't easy to get close to.

    1. I've just looked at your blog and fine images they are too Doug.