Thursday, 7 May 2015

First images of the year ........

I think that the sheep grazing the reed bed margin grass in front of the Peter Scott hide at the reserve must have attracted this female Yellow Wagtail.

Mayflies are on the reserve in big numbers this year to the point that they are almost an irritant when walking around, but good for parents feeding their broods, this year could be a bumper year for breeding birds.

I don't know if it is the lighting but it seems  to have a more pronounced eye stripe than I recall seeing on Yellow Wagtails in the past.

                                     And who do you think you're looking at ! 


  1. A couple of very nice shots John.

  2. Thanks Graham, it was only about twelve feet away ...... John.

  3. Great images John, a very handsome bird. I know exactly what you mean with the Mayflies....surprisingly tasty though lol

    1. Appreciated Douglas .... good numbers of Hobby's at TLNR late afternoon today !.