Saturday, 16 May 2015

Back to Basics ......

Well,  after the exotic images of Common Cranes over the reserve yesterday its back to basics.

This Blackbird was totally unfazed by my presence and really was posing for me.

In the catwalk world models certainly go for the '' over the shoulder '' look, and this bird entering the spirit of things albeit looking in the wrong direction.

Songbirds like Nightingales, Blackcaps and Song Thrushes get a lot of compliments, this species is not far off holding a position in the '' top ten '' of  chart toppers when it comes to vocals.


  1. When I set off for work the first bird I hear is the Blackbird and often well into the night too. I've been hearing the juveniles calling from their nest in my garden and it's interesting comparison between adult and the slightly metallic like sound of the juveniles, you can see I have a soft spot for them