Sunday, 5 April 2015

First images of the year .....

There is something about Titchmarsh LNR that Cettis Warblers seem to like, we have at least twelve territories around the reserve with about six birds overwintering last year.

Walking around you are never far from these birds as they '' shout '' at you, I have reached the stage where I can identify individual birds by their call which differs subtly from bird to bird.

These images,  were taken from the Peter Scott hide where the bird is mobile, vocal and as always with Cettis, secretive. Lighting conditions were grey and overcast. 

This is however probably the best time of year to see Cettis, foliage is still emerging and the birds are busy re-establishing their territories and displaying to attract a mate. 

The area of this birds territory is pretty large, there is a theory that they move around their territory calling from various positions to make other males think that there are multiple birds on site already and dissuade them from stopping. 

I don't know how they manage it but they always seem to perch with some foliage, a twig or a leaf in front of them.

A common Continental European Warbler, Cettis first colonised the UK in Kent in 1961 and subsequently bred for the first time in 1973.

Today there are approximately 2000 male territories in the UK and rising.

A real favourite of mine.


  1. Nice one John, as you know I've never been able to film these elusive birds, I almost feel that they are mocking me ha, ha, maybe my luck will change this year, well done.

  2. I firm favourite of mine too. The second image is brilliant John and the first reminds me how tricky they can be.

  3. Many thanks to both of you .... Cettis are my current .. could do better .... project !

  4. Congrats John you are getting some excellent shots of this hard to see warbler

    1. Thanks John, we have approx twelve Cettis territories at TLNR