Sunday, 19 April 2015

Its not all about birds ......

The meadows on the Elinor Fishery side at TLNR are providing a feast of Cowslips at the moment, their deep rich yellow colour is quite spectacular, I don't remember seeing so many in recent years.                                                                     

I'm not sure but I think the blossom is Blackthorn, either way this Peacock looked stunning against the white bloom.

Oh dear, again, I'm not very good at identifying coarse fish such as this that I photographed in Harper's Brook on the perimeter of the reserve.
This time I can say with confidence that this is a tractor, actually a Massey Ferguson, drilling seed in the field on the Aldwincle side of the reserve.

I believe that farmers leave ploughed fields over winter to allow the frosts to break down the soil structure to assist harrowing in spring, few heavy frosts were really recorded this winter but I am sure sufficient to do the job.

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