Wednesday, 29 April 2015

No shortage of drumming Peckers.

There seem to be goodly numbers of Great Spotted Wodpeckers around this year.

Drumming was a bit slow to get going this year on the reserve despite the relatively mild Spring, but now it's echoing  to the sound of these colourful birds.

In addition, Titchmarsh LNR has always done well for Green Woodpeckers, sadly they are very flighty birds and to date I have never been quick enough to capture any really decent images.

Unlike Great Spotted, Green Woodpeckers do not drum ..... well, that's not strictly true, they do drum but it is a very feeble hardly audible effort.

An interesting thing about Green Woodpeckers is that if they are disturbed and do not immediately take flight they will  freeze and adopt a '' bill up '' posture somewhat like a Bittern.  I attach a '' record shot '' of this posture.

                                      Green Woodpecker - beak up posture



  1. A brilliant set of images John, especially the first one!

    1. Thanks Paul ....... really enjoyed your great images from your holiday.

  2. Great images. John if you're ever passing Brackmills industrial estate there's a road that goes past Wickes/Baxter/Great Bear logistics etc it's not uncommon to see 5/6 Green Woodpecker at one time it has to be one of the best places for them.

    1. Thanks Doug, I will bear it in mind !.