Friday, 24 April 2015

Hawks are impressive and aerobatic birds ....

..... but the Common Tern has to be up there with most high speed raptors for their flying style and ability as they bounce around in the air over water and meadows.

They hover, they dive, they can turn direction on a sixpence, they '' hawk '' insects and Dragonflies in mid-air like Hobby's and in the case of this image they are so confident that they can '' take their eyes off the road '' and look skywar!s without bumping into anything.

I wish I could do the latter !  .... as an amateur bird and wildlife photographer I spend a lot of time looking up into the sky and woodland canopy whilst walking along .... resulting in the occasional trip up on uneven ground ....  can you identify with me on this or is it just me ?


  1. That's the dangers of thinking like a bird John lol. Mind you if you do a spot of urban birding lamposts are a real danger:-)

    1. I am also an urban birder Doug ..... I was just arriving home the other day when a Sparrowhawk flew over the car from behind and flashed down the space between my house and next door ....... magical to see a predator at home in an urban environment !.