Thursday, 16 April 2015

Avocet at Frampton Marsh .......

What a success story the re-introduction of this elegant bird has been since it became extinct as a breeding bird in the UK around 1840.

In the the mid 1940's flooding of East Anglian coastal marshes created ideal habitat and nesting conditions that hosted the return of the Avocet since when numbers have grown year on year.

Nowadays the Avocet has dispersed and can increasingly be found at a number of inland colonies.


  1. I love watching these birds fend off Marsh Harrier, I wonder if birds coming up from Exe estuary (wintering grounds) on the way to East coast reserves were the birds that drop into Northamptonshire? I did hear a 'local' name for the bird, 'scooper' which makes sense.

    1. I didn't know that Doug, as you say scooper makes sense, its a shame they don't stay in the county.