Friday, 19 June 2015

Great bird, great light ..... classic pose.

Unusual to get clear sightings of Nuthatches at this time of year yet Grafton Underwood woods always seems to come up trumps.

When they breed the offspring rarely travel very far from where they fledged so in these woodlands we have a strong, stable population of the species.

Its nice for a change to report a success in this world where birds are under such pressure.


  1. Always a pleasure to see one of these in good light. Great to hear them doing well too, I reckon the Treecreeper judging from my spots is having a good year too

  2. I haven't seen a lot of Treecreepers this year Doug .... always a right place at the right time bird for me..

  3. Superb shot love the pose John

  4. Thanks John, I see that you have been on your travels again in Scotland, the Landrover was a great investment, regards to Jacqui.