Monday, 15 June 2015

If its in the air its fair game .......

At the reserve on Sunday morning the sound of '' old '' radial engines from the second world war was in the air, clearly an Air Fair was being held at Duxford aerodrome nearby.

First was a distant Messerschmit or Fokker Wolf fighter in German livery followed by this RAF C47 Dakota bearing black and white invasion stripes.

What a classic sight and sound from an aircraft that must be well over seventy years old, if you look closely at the open door you can see one of the crew looking out.

What a tribute to airmen of bygone years,  magical, made my heart beat faster. 


  1. That's interesting I had a Catalina seaplane go over and another Northants birder got the Dakota too. Have you thought of given the image the 'authentic' look and converting it to B/W.

  2. With Nikon software I don't think that I have that facility Doug, great idea though !