Thursday, 11 June 2015

Summer Lees Sand Martin

The light was very harsh when we visited last Sunday at mid day.

Plenty of Sand Martins are using the wall, seeing these stunning fast flying little birds is one thing and an absolute treat, but getting images of them on the wing is a real challenge that I failed to meet.

So this is the best that I achieved. Plenty of room for improvement.

Here in Northamptonshire we are so lucky to have reasonable numbers of these birds at such a relatively accessible site.


  1. They are really tricky to catch in flight I will always try them on a windy day as it slows them down a bit. It's good to see the wall being used again. Do you get a lot a disturbance from the dog walkers though?

  2. No, not really Doug but it always amazes me that people can walk past the Sand Martin Wall without stopping to take a look at nature in the raw .... very sad really.