Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Plenty of these around at the moment .......

In the right light Greenfinches really shine out, happily we have good numbers at TLNR depite the national decline in their population.

Regular cleaning of feeders keeps the prevalent virus at bay ..... when did you last clean yours ?.


  1. I cheat with my feeders I have two sets, one with food the other set clean so I just swap over once a week. But it's just not feeders, bird baths and those plastic water dishes need cleaning more regularly as they spread diseases even more quickly and easier then feeders.
    p.s. Tell Graham I enjoyed his Titchmarsh video it beautifully put together.

  2. That's not cheating Doug, its well thought out care and conservation .... I forwarded your comments to Graham who will I know appreciate the sentiment, many thanks !