Saturday, 23 August 2014

Hard to Swallow ...............

There was a section of fencing at the reserve where young swallows perched and were being fed by their parents so I decided that I would go back today with my tripod and use a remote shutter release in order to be able to watch for the arrival of the parents which is difficult when using the viewfinder.

I approached to about fifteen feet and the young were tolerant to the point of being disinterested, so I set up and watched the comings and goings for a while.

I don't know how the young can pick out their parents from all the other birds but they certainly do and start tweeting and opening their gapes with quivering wings when a parent approaches, a very useful alert.

The light was not great so I had to go up to IS0 800 to get a reasonable shutter speed.
                                                                    Very relaxed
                                                             A bit of a stretch
                                                                  And a bit of a scratch
                                                                  Fast food ....................

The parents were working really hard ......

                                                               ...............  all a gape
                                                                  Hard to Swallow

p.s. I went back the next day with the objective of taking some '' in flight '' shots as they were showing so well ...... they had all gone ...... its that time of year !

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