Saturday, 30 August 2014

Ears then Eyes

At Titchmarsh LNR we are blessed to have a good population of Bullfinches, these are best seen in the colder months when  the leaves have fallen.

On walking around the reserve I heard a family of Bullfinch contact calling ( link to Xeno Canto below - ref XC167992 ) so I shrank back into a nearby overhanging hedge and waited, the calls came nearer and eventually I was rewarded with some good sightings and was able to get images of both males and females.

Because they both have fairly glossy black heads and black eyes I find it is difficult to get good eye definition.

I will digress at this point.

If you ever visit the reserve and see a guy wandering around with a camera wearing green gloves, no matter what the season is, its likely to be me.

I firmly believe that many opportunities are either lost or reduced by the sudden movement of your hands when raising the camera for the shot, two white flashes being a visual warning of your presence. 

Also, whilst I don't walk around trying to look like a tree I do try and wear clothes that blend in with the surroundings.


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  1. Lovely birds, never considered the hand issue, food for thought