Monday, 18 August 2014

The trials and tribulations of bird photography .......

As you know I have three fledgeling Sparrow Hawks on my patch, for the first seven days they stayed in the main wood where their parents nested, but now they are beginning to spread their wings and are perching in a variety of trees in the vicinity.

Today one of them came around the corner of the '' home wood '' and nearly flew into me flaring its wings, changing direction and altitude, I would say it passed no further than ten feet away, good for the memory but not a photo opportunity.

I started this blog to feature my amateur work and the diversity of my local patch, some times you can nearly get  it right and sometimes circumstances conspire to thwart your plans, the images today come into that category.

The relationship of the sun to the access that I have to the wood is not good,  there is nowhere that I can  place myself with the sun behind me, as all photographers know the end result of shooting into the region of the light source is '' blacked out '' images which I have in spades !

I could actually get closer but it would be too close and potentially stress the birds, respect is important and the images would be no better.  

The focus of the images is good, shutter speed superb .... but the results are hardly worth publishing.

Maybe now that the birds are beginning to disperse opportunities will improve, I would love to get  a '' food pass '' shot.

Such is life !

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  1. It's never made easy for us lol I hope you get better chance soon.