Monday, 4 August 2014

A day out with the Damsels ..............

August can be a fairly quiet month for birds, summer migrants on their way out, incoming winter migrants not quite here yet ....... a bit like half time in a sporting match.

I find myself being drawn towards macro photography, a couple of my contacts Frank and Sharon Porch and John Murray have macro websites that ... well,  just make my jaw drop.

I need to learn more about macro lenses and their cost !.

I am also not too happy with changing lenses 
outdoors especially at harvest time when the air is laden with dust ...... I know, an extra camera body solves the problem !.

I do have a Nikon AF-S 18-135mm so I will have to overcome my phobias and get a grip of macro and changing lenses, anyone reading this blog who can comment on the suitability of the above lens for macro .... all comments and observations greatly appreciated.

So today it was my standard set-up - Nikon D300s + Nikon 300mm F4 and 1.4 T.c. with a 1.4 T.c., tripod and remote shutter release. 

Shooting from 10 feet is not ideal .........

The light quality was excellent and the subjects very helpful, that is, except for the Dragonflies who never seem to perch for a moment, apparently they have favourite perches that they return to on a regular basis ..... not for me. 

I am more than ever convinced I need to go down this road  ..............  Watch this space !

In the meantime my best efforts with Banded Demoiselles.


  1. Can't help with advice for macro lens, but can recommend a few tips for changing lens outdoors.
    Switch the camera off and leave it for a couple of minutes, this allows the static build up inside to disperse reducing dust being dragged in. Get an old t-shirt place the camera inside and change lens inside the shirt, you can get specialist bags but a shirt is cheaper.
    Great images by the way

  2. Thanks for the tip Douglas .... trust your holiday is going well !