Saturday, 9 August 2014

Hansa - The Grey Heron

I had a bit of a Heron day yesterday at my local reserve.

Actually it all started in the morning when I spotted this chap on one of my neighbours roofs, it was obviously taking more than a passing interest in their ornamental fish pond.

I always feel that there is something prehistoric looking about Grey Herons, they are certainly very accomplished hunters as witnessed by this guy in the States who posted the following activity of a Blue Heron on Facebook ( you may have to cut and paste the link or block out and right click ). 

Anyway, with rain forecast for the weekend I decided to get out for a couple of hours, the light was great but sadly not much around bird wise except for  ..... you guessed it, Grey Herons ! 

In flight they are ponderous and yet can change direction on the head of a pin when they  spot you.

Their slow wingbeat makes them an ideal subject for honing your bird in flight skills.

                                                                            My Neighbour's visitor.

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