Monday, 25 August 2014

Have you ever been asked a question that you can't answer ? ......... plenty of times.

I was chatting to a non birding friend of mine whilst walking around Titchmarsh LNR where we had seen a Little Grebe.

They asked an interesting Question, what sort of bird is a Glebe, well it certainly sounds as if it should be a bird but its not.

I was stumped for an answer so I needed to do a bit of research.

In my time I have seen plenty of farms and houses called, appropriately Glebe Farm and Glebe House.

A Glebe is actually a variety of religious stipend, i.e. funding for the local clergy in bygone days.

So, the profits or part thereof from a Glebe Farm at some time in history were made available to the local parish to support their activities.

                                       Little Grebe, known also as a Dabchick. 

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