Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Lots of bugs in the beds .......

And the Reed Warblers are making the most of it as they feed their hungry and demanding broods.

It's June, summer has still to establish itself fully and yet Autumn is sadly already also on the horizon with Summer migrants reaching the end of their breeding cycles.

Its been a good breeding season with hopes for multiple broods but it will not be long before our Warblers start thinking about their departure from our shores.

I suppose birding is a bit like gardening, the breeding and growing season happens once every year and then its gone until the next year, our hobbies mirror are own life cycles so make the most of it ..... time catches up with us all !


  1. It's horrible to see on the BTO website the tagged Cuckoo's have already left our shores, not fair really :-) great shot of the reed warbler.

  2. Summer is not quite here yet Doug but Autumn is already on the horizon ..... scary ..... we only have so many years, all of us.