Sunday, 7 June 2015

A post of a post .....

Same post, same species, two seasons and two genders.

Great Spotted Woodpeckers seem to have a liking for this fence post and use it on a regular basis whilst in transit around this part of the Reserve.

This is great as it allows detailed study of the birds slightly different plumage.

Sadly the Female seems to have broken off the extreme tip of her upper mandible but looks healthy enough despite it..  

                                                         Spring - The Male 
                                                        Summer - The Female


  1. Wonder why it seems to like the post. Shame about the bill but I photographed a ringed Kestrel with the same issue and that seems OK now but obviously the GSW is more dependant on its bill.

  2. Hi Doug ...... I can't misrepresent the situation ...... there are some feeders to the left hand side which encourage them to come down to the post prior to settling.

    I don't like images of birds on feeders but I do like the way they present themselves in a natural environment on their way to them !