Sunday, 17 May 2015

Busy birds ........

Seasonal fayre but worthy of maximum exposure.

The plumage of Reed Warblers is totally in harmony with the reed beds in which they live and breed, they melt into the background but at the same time vocalise their presence with attitude.

Some birds are still nest building whilst others are already energetically feeding broods.

Insect life is very apparent at the moment with Mayfly nymphs on the wing in extraordinary numbers.

This season could turn out to be a bumper year with multiple broods, lets hope so.


  1. A cracking pair of images John. Sadly my Reed Warbler seem to be still hiding at the bottom of the reed stems, I so desperately want them to show better.

  2. The hide is a real bonus due to its elevated position Doug, its a bit like fishing. If your float wobbles you know there is a fish interested ........ if a reed starts to twitch you know there is a bird down there !.