Friday, 1 May 2015

I wish I could take a leaf out of this particular book, or should I say image.

There are plenty of Sedge Warblers at Titchmarsh LNR and in general I think we are doing very well at the reserve this year for summer migrants in so far as Nightingales, Warblers, Cuckoos and Hobby Hawks are concerned.

Getting a clear shot at warblers is however always a challenge in view of their preferred habitat, they just seem to have an innate capacity to perch with foliage in the frame that not only impacts the quality of the image but confuses the auto-focus particularly in windy conditions.

Its always a challenge and a joy to try and get it right.


  1. Done well to keep it in focus, sadly I'm still struggling to locate Sedge Warbler on two of my sites

  2. If you plan to visit TLNR at any stage let me know and I will catch up with you there.