Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Turtle Dove - Sadly one from the archives

I have not seen a Turtle Dove this year, nor sadly last year.

Woodlands that used to be uplifted by the purring of these most attractive of Doves now rue their loss as does the English countryside at large.

Changes in farming practices have contributed to the decline, our farmlands are not as supportive of this species as was the case in less efficient past times when farms boasted meadows and woodland margins with seed bearing wild flowers, grasses and weeds opened their doors like larders to allow this bird to feed and make it feel welcome and at home during its summer visits.

Persecution in the Mediterranean countries and Islands will to an as yet ill-defined extent have also played its part in the species decline.

To the best of my knowledge the impact of global warming on the Turtle Dove is not yet fully understood.

Progress ..... we have a need to feed an exploding global population with aspirations to improve their lot ...... I am not a political animal ...... I'm just very worried that future generations may look into the sky and see ...... nothing....  if we don't give greater thought to the plight of our declining wildlife.

Thank goodness for the Wildlife Trusts and all the organisations who are doing their best to counter balance the picture that I have just painted of the future for birds ..... please do All that you can to support them in these strained financial times.



  1. The Turtle Dove should serve as a warning to us all of the future we may end of facing, very sad.

  2. Well I'm glad its not just me that is concerned about this subject Douglas.