Friday, 25 July 2014

Short Eared Owl - Blueberry Farm, Northants.

These shots were taken just over two years ago when there was a huge influx of European Short Eared Owls into the UK.

Apparently, following an excellent breeding season in continental Europe on the  the back of a high vole population, European territories became pressurised and large numbers of this bird were reported to be arriving in the country over the East coast.

Here in Northamptonshire a local farm with large fields of set-aside ( the owners are members of the Hawk and Owl Trust and actively manage the farm to provide suitable habitat for raptors ) became a focus for these birds with a maxima in the mid-thirties.

Short Eared Owls will hunt in Daylight making them great subjects for photography.

They were very confiding,  and there were so many of them, that you really didn't know which bird to point your camera at first !.

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  1. Great memories I think the H.O.T are no longer involved at Blueberry Farm there have been a lot of changes to the Barns and fields over the last few months sadly. I hope it continues to be a good spot for shorties.