Thursday, 17 July 2014

Mega !

I am sure that the word Mega will have attracted your attention and it certainly provokes great activity amongst the twitching community.

I don't have any problems with twitching and have done so myself on occasions such as the appearance of a Red Footed Falcon at RSPB Lakenheath in May 2013, what a cracking bird and one of only a handfull that turn up in the UK annually .

So what do you do in the absence of Mega's ?

For a long time I have promoted and appreciated the innate beauty of our more common birds such as the Blue Tit.  

Blue Tits just ooze character and cheekiness and the symmetry of their plumage is truly worthy of closer inspection.
                   The yellow patch above its beak is not aberrant plumage - it's pollen

                                                    I've got my eye on you


  1. I like the red footed Falcon have been lucky to see one in Northamptonshire years and years ago and whilst visiting my girlfriends parents in Eastbourne went to see one at Cuckmere they're simply gorgeous, that Blue Tit with pollen on it made me chuckle

  2. Thanks Douglas. As you know July can be quite a quiet month so I am currently posting archive material until things hot up a bit.