Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Reed Warbler, THE reed bed bird of Spring and Summer in the United Kingdom.

A seasonal migrant returning in April and a real favourite of mine.

I find it just amazing that such a little bird ( no more than 15 gm. in weight and  15 cm. in length ) can make the journey of thousands of mile from and back to Africa each year.

Seeing them however is not easy as they move around the depths of the reedbed. 

Waiting for an opportunity to photograph them is a bit akin to coarse fishing, if your float starts to twitch you know that a fish is showing an interest in your bait -  if reeds starts quivering in the reed bed you know that a bird is around and you can track its movements hoping that eventually it will shimmy up a reed for a shot.

There a plenty of youngsters around at the moment so, given the forgiving weather at the moment and abundance of insect life second broods could be on the cards.

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  1. Fantastic shots of one of my personal favourite visitors