Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Strategic visit ............

With the fog overnight and in the morning the other day I thought that I would be clever and visit Harrington Airfield ( disused ) to see if any migrants had pitched in and settled, generally this site has a good reputation for attracting passage migrants due to its relative height and the derelict concrete bunkers.

By lunchtime the sun was burning off the mist so off I went, I parked at the Council gravel enclosure and walked up to the gated concrete track, moving ever so slowly.

Plenty of large '' charms '' of Goldfinch, a few Yellowhammer, Kestrel, a pair of Buzzards, by now the mists had cleared, the sky was blue and the temperature was up into the twenties .... too many layers of clothing !.

I always think that the track that leads from the apron where all the bales are stored to bunker two is an interesting habitat but not yesterday.

Four Kites soaring, two of which were initially perching in a tree near the third bunker. This year I have noticed that the rabbit population is on the up at Harrington, maybe the latter encourage the former. A jay flew away from bunker one.

A number of Green Woodpeckers but I am afraid that I did not connect with anything faintly exotic, but that doesn't mean that they are not there. I'll have to read Eleanor's blog today !.

Actually my observation about exotics is a bit unfair, the Kestrel is indeed an exotic bird.
                       Male Kestrel from Harrington Airfield ( disused )


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