Thursday, 4 September 2014

Well named .............

I was sitting on the sea wall taking shots of a Ringed Plover when I was distracted by a noise not far away , a sort of clicking sound, the air was quite still. 

Looking along the wall I came across these fellas foraging their way along the tide line literally and audibly turning pebbles over, a little party of Turnstones.

The camouflage presented by their plumage is tremendous when viewed from above, they just merge into their surroundings.

A few of them came up on the the wall and were confiding  to a point, their comfort zone was probably about twenty feet, I didn't encroach after that.

The first thing I did notice is that they have the '' daintiest of claws '' which is I suspect due to the fact that they don't perch.  

The second thing I noticed is that their white throat makes their heads look really small, an optical illusion.


  1. I love Turnstones from a photographers perspective they are really approachable, there used to be a one legged bird that used to walk up to people to be fed chips on a pier in Essex. Great shots John

  2. Cracking story Douglas and as you say, real characters !