Monday, 15 September 2014

My favourite visitor in the depths of winter ....... a very cheeky little chap.

Brrrrrr  ................. the depth of winter is when this species arrives to take advantage of Western Europe's relatively ice free and by comparison warm coastal and inland waters. 

And what a picturesque bird the rare male of the species is, black and white all over with attitude !,  

Smew can be found widely distributed in the UK between November and March. On average approximately five hundred Smew turn up annually depending on the severity of the weather in North Eastern Continental Europe. Not a great deal is actually known about their breeding grounds

I am not a big fan of winter but this compact diving duck almost makes it worth while.

In summer the Drakes' plumage looks like that of the more widespread female which has a dark grey body, rounded white cheeks and a brown cap hence the nickname '' redhead ''.   

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  1. Beautiful little duck, haven't seen one for a while