Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Nearly a happy chappie ........

Of the Hobby Family at Titchmarsh LNR as far as I can tell this juvenile is the only remaining bird, I think that the parents and the other two fledglings have already departed.

This bird is very active, feeding well off the Dragonfly stocks  and quite tolerant of my presence.

Hard birds to photograph due to their speed and aerobatic hunting flight I think this is probably one of the best images I have achieved, you can see a Dragonfly in its talons, apparently when they capture a Dragonfly the first thing they do is remove the wings to improve aerodynamics

This image makes all of the time spent observing these amazing aerial acrobats so worth while !. But I still need to get the memorable shot, the wall hanger ...... maybe next year.

Tremendous raptors, I will miss them when they finally leave the reserve until they hopefully return next year.


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