Saturday, 20 September 2014

Nothing ventured nothing gained.

On my trips between home and Titchmarsh LNR along the '' Old road '' through Slipton I have been passing a set aside field that looks just the right habitat for Barn Owls.

The other evening I saw a Barn Owl flying over the road in the direction of this field which was a promising sign. 

Nothing ventured nothing gained, so today I drove up the track to the farm which is actually a mixed small holding to ask if the occupants ever saw Barn Owls hunting over the field.

Glen, the tenant, was very helpful and explained that whilst he hadn't seen Barn Owls he had seen Tawny Owls and also indicated that they may have resident Little Owls. The position of the house is such that the field is not immediately visible from the living rooms of the property so I was still encouraged.

So, the bottom line is that I got permission to park on Glens land and he also pointed out that an old disused public footpath passed through the field so whilst the field was not his property access should not be a problem ....... great !. 

It was really interesting to see the mix of animals on the small holding, horses and foals, sheep, geese and a party of young cock and hen Peacocks.

                                 Traditional farmyard Geese almost marching in step
                                                              Canada Geese get everywhere

Its amazing what you can find off road.

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