Friday, 19 September 2014

Nowadays all things are not black and white ..........

I think that black and white is a very nice medium so I had a bit of a play about today to see if it really works or enhances bird pics.

This is one of my favourite Short Eared Owl images.

I converted it to B & W with my Nikon View 2 software, Hmmm ........... I'm not too sure that it works for me but it does have a different dimension and visual impact.

This is the original image as I took it at Blueberry Farm, Maidwell from the '' influx '' we had a couple of years ago.

I think that the B & W shot is a bit cold compared to full colour ( and I can tell you that when I took it on a hard winters day in late afternoon light it was indeed very cold ! around  -5 degrees C).

I need convincing that it is worth doing a bit more work on this subject.

All comments and observations from viewers of this blog page are greatly appreciated and most welcome !.

The following are examples of shall we say ..... less successful photo opportunities with Short Eared Owls. They had the potential to be great ..... could have, should have, might have  ...... 

                         This guy suddenly appeared and nearly knocked the hood off my lens. 

                                                                           What a frame filler

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  1. I have to be honest I don't know enough about b&w it looks ok though, play around at bit with the contrast, less etc