Friday, 26 September 2014

Quite a challenge .......

I believe this is a Migrant Hawker Dragonfly and I can tell you that Dragonflies are very challenging subjects to photograph on the wing as they flit around, the light was not great and light quality is such a important factor contributing to good photography.

I was at the reserve today in the hope of connecting with the Hobby's but sadly they were not very active so to while away the time I decided to focus on their prey.

I plan to take these on as a bit of a project to improve on this image although it is getting  late in the season., but certainly next year, as Dragonflies nicely fill the gap between summer and winter bird migrants.

I guess no matter how quiet things seem to be there is always a new opportunity  to pursue, you learn every time you go out, that's the lovely thing about wildlife photography ....... a regular and very friendly dog walker and his good lady wife on the reserve shouted  across in a very jocular  manner ..... '' haven 't you got a home to go to '' ......... I understand the sentiment and it made me smile  ..... but observation is key to success otherwise you just go for a walk and see nothing.


  1. Good shot John, as you say the light wasn't perfect but to get a lively Migrant Hawker in frame and in focus is no mean feat, well done:)

  2. I am surprised the Hobby is still about, perhaps the dog walker should shout to it "haven't you got a winter home to go to" well done on the hawker

  3. Thanks Douglas, I think the warm weather and healthy supply of Dragonflies may be delaying migration slightly.