Friday, 11 July 2014

Sedge in a hedge ..... and other perches !

I think that the Sedge Warbler is one of the most dapper and attractive birds and, with patience, far easier to photograph than many of our other migrant summer visitors.

They are quite inquisitive and will '' chrirrrr '' to make you aware of their presence when you approach their territory. 

Interestingly, newly fledged young if disturbed will adopt a posture similar to a Bittern with their beak pointing upwards to the sky, I have seen this but never managed to get an image of the behaviour.                                        
                                                             Who do eye belong to

                                                                    Food for the Chicks
                                                                     Classic pose

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  1. John these and the other images on here are great. I shall be coming back to have a look at June when I get home.