Saturday, 19 July 2014

Great Photo opportunity !

I was driving to a local reserve yesterday, the end of the journey involves me taking my car down a narrow farm track with fields of oilseed rape on each side.

Suddenly, up popped this superb Yellow Wagtail on top of a bramble shoot. 

Now, in my experience I usually see these guys strutting their stuff on the ground and normally fairly close to livestock, the foot falls of the animals cause insects to take to the air which the Yellow Wagtails can readily feed off.

Its not very often that I have had the opportunity to photograph one perched as this one was.

I gently slowed the car to a stop and very slowly picked up my camera from its habitual residence on the passengers seat and just managed to fire off a few shots through the open window before it flitted away with its usual undulating flight, it was so close that I think the sound of  the shutter release spooked it ( Canon in my opinion are much quieter than Nikon ).

What can I say, what colour this summer migrant brings to our shores for us to marvel at, I hope that you get as much enjoyment viewing these images as I did taking them !.

( the detail would have been better if I had thought to turn the engine of the car off - oh well ).


  1. Great shots, trying to creep up on birds in a car can be tricky I even now drive with my windows down ready so there is one less thing "to do"