Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Birding is a Hobby ........... and so is the subject of this post.

The Hobby Hawk is one of my most favourite summer migrants, the swallows arrive in Spring time and are shortly followed by the Hobby's.

At Titchmarsh LNR we have had at least three of these birds in residence this year and I believe that of these a pair may have bred in the locality.

To see a Hobby hunting over water is breathtaking as they use '' ground effect '' to glide   effortlessly with fixed wings in pursuit of  their prey.

Equally as breathtaking are their aerial antics as they hawk Dragonflies, a regular prey species that they catch in their talons and eat on the wing.

The main identification feature in adult birds is that their thighs and legs are covered in red plumage, their " red  trousers ''. 


  1. Definitely one of my favourite Falcon though a bit thin on the ground round my way this year.

  2. Thanks Douglas, yes they are stunning ..... I'm really enjoying your posts recently, keep up the good work !.