Monday, 21 July 2014

E gret day out .......

It is amazing to recall that just twenty five years ago birders in the United Kingdom used to travel hundreds of miles to see one of these vagrant Little Egrets, at that time, rare visitors to our shores. 

A member of the Heron taxa. gradually over the years numbers of these visitors have built up and they are thought to have first nested successfully in the UK in 1996, currently the most northerly region of the species range. 

Nowadays it is almost a common resident bird in many of the country's water bodies and wetlands. 

My local patch is currently hosting three of these birds, they are not very confiding but will present well on the wing, in good strong light an in flight shot almost allows you to take an X-ray of the birds wing structure, fantastic !  

                                                           Classic hunting posture 


  1. Great images of a fantastic bird. I have seen all three egret species now over at Summer Leys what is weird the Little Egret hardly gets people excited, I wonder if the Great White Egrets will be the same?

  2. Well they are certainly getting more common each year that goes by, I photographed them at Pitsford earlier in the year, I'll post a few shots.

    Cheers, John.