Friday, 18 July 2014

One of my Bogy birds - we all have them !.

The Blackcap is present in some numbers at my local reserve but I have never been happy with the images that I have been able to capture of them. They always seem to perch with twigs and/or foliage in front of them or fly off before I have had time to focus on them.

I am sure that many of you who are into photography can identify with this feeling.

So I have shots that I refer to as '' bankers ''. i.e. they will do until new opportunities and better results are available, they really are gorgeous looking birds.

Maybe I am too critical of my work, there is no such thing as the perfect shot, it doesn't exist.

                                                                             The Female

                                                                             The Male


  1. Lol, bogey birds annoy me. I get rid of one bogey birds by getting some decent images then a different species becomes my bogey bird, funnily mine this year is also Blackcap.

  2. Thanks Douglas, I can't even start to calculate how much time I have spent on these birds, they really are crackers.