Monday, 6 October 2014

The first day of Autumn ............

Overnight the weather here in Northamptonshire has taken quite a turn resulting in the central heating going on ( low ) for the first time this Autumn.

Having commented a couple of times that berry bearing trees and shrubs are heavily laden this year, my thoughts turned to the impending arrival of our berry eating migrants from Europe's Northern climes.

It won't be long before we start hearing the '' Chack Chack '' of the nomadic Fieldfare who start to trickle into the country in October and are in particular fond of rowan, juniper, holly, elder and hawthorn  berries.

This image was taken from my home office window last winter, the subject certainly looks rather miserable as the snow flakes fell in a very cold wind.

Close up, the colour and pattern of its plumage really is quite attractive.

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  1. Certain parts of the Fieldfare plumage sometimes remind me of the Ring Ouzel