Thursday, 2 October 2014

Overhead Glider .........

Unusually for a Sparrowhawk, this bird was flying in a very leisurely manner with a couple of wing beats followed by longish glides, this allowed me to pick it out at quite a distance and hope that there was no change of direction.

I was tucked up into the edge of woodland wearing a dark green fleece, I'm not kidding myself into thinking that it did not see me so I suspect that my silhouette was sufficiently broken up not to represent a threat to this most secretive and suspicious of raptors. 

I have mentioned before that I wear a pair of green gloves when photographing birds, I am convinced  that they obscure the movement of my hands when raising the camera for the shot.

A pleasing image. Of late I seem to have been having more than my fair share of opportunities to photograph birds of prey !.

1 comment:

  1. Well caught John. I think with Sparrowhawks it's movement especially sudden which freaks them out.