Friday, 17 October 2014

Teasel teaser .....................

Wandering around the reserve I flushed a small charm of Goldfinches from a stand of teasels, they didn't go far and this little guy was flitting about in front of me keeping a '' comfort '' distance of about five meters.

Statistically, the species is very much on the up in the UK reflecting the increase of garden bird Niger seed feeders, they are always a joy to see and hear with their twittering calls.

However, one of their favourite natural food sources are teasels which are  widespread on the reserve and very photogenic due to their colour and texture.

The palette of colours that this bird presents is truly exceptional and if it migrated long distance it would look completely at home  in a tropical environment.  

In this image I really liked the composition and presentation of the bird, complimented by the textures of the fencing posts and galvanized wire fencing.

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