Friday, 31 October 2014

The Titchmarsh murmuration and a picture book finish to the day.

No Barn Owls again this evening, what a mild day for the end of October and the cloudless sky provided superb light. 

Never mind, there was a spectacular aerial show taking place overhead instead.

I have never seen so many starlings in the Titchmarsh reed bed roost and winter has yet to arrive.

My telephoto lens could not do the sight justice as I was only able to get images of a small segment of the action, to truly capture the kaleidoscopic nature of this event video is the only medium to portray the liquid movement of the birds as they morph into different shapes and patterns. 

p.s. I plan to go back tonight with a more appropriate lens.

To see some stunning video footage go to U-tube and punch in starling murmurations.

The final image sums up the scene, the setting sun low to the horizon reflecting off the water of the gravel pit viewed through a dense patch of reeds ...... perfect !.

A friend of mine and Kettering based naturalist and videographer Graham Barker took some excellent video footage which can be seen via the following link.



  1. The murmaration is amazing. Fantastic looking.

  2. Hi Douglas, if you have not seen it already the following link is a video my Graham Barker of the Titchmarsh murmuration.