Saturday, 11 October 2014

A civilised time for Barn Owls .............

With the nights drawing in and sunset getting earlier, 18.18 tonight, it makes Owl photography possible at a more civilised time as was the case yesterday at the reserve.

Before now I have only once seen any of the Titchmarsh Owls since they fledged four Owlets way back in Mid July so it was a pleasure to connect with one again early evening yesterday in fairly good light conditions.

Sadly the light was behind the bird which, whilst not allowing classic Barn Owl images, are I think nevertheless quite pleasing to the eye.


  1. I'd be happy to see one in my area. Did you catch up with Great White Egret that was on Titchmarsh

  2. Sadly no I didn't Douglas, recent fencing at Titchmarsh has reduced the access to the water side, what I did see recently was six Little Egrets in a loose aerial formation at the same time.

    By the way, I used your story re the Red Kite / Buzzard relationship on my related post, hope that is OK with you, its a good story !.