Tuesday, 21 October 2014

A brave Heron indeed.......

was driving to the reserve and approaching the village of Aldwincle along a country lane when I saw something ahead and couldn't believe my eyes, standing on the nearside verge was a motionless Grey Heron intently staring at the woodland edge.

I drove past no more than four feet from it at approx thirty miles an hour and it did not flinch, I braked to a halt, readied my camera and opened the nearside door window and cautiously started  to reverse along the offside carriageway, this time its nerve gave in and it was off.

Because the road at this point is surrounded by dense woodland on both sides it could not turn away nor gain altitude quickly, I was able to get out of the car pretty sharpish and just managed to fire off a few shots as it flew past.

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  1. Heron's are behaving weirdly at the moment. We had one sat on a roof on our housing estate. And when I got that sprawk one landed in the middle of a field.