Monday, 27 October 2014

Kestrels at Harrington Airfield ( disused )

We are nearly at the end of October but today the weather was balmy, we really are enjoying an '' Indian summer '' so I decided to see what was around Harrington Airfield ( disused ).

Plenty of Yellowhammers, Red Kites, Golden Plover, Meadow Pipits and Green Woodpeckers to name just a few.

The highlight of the day was the resident Kestrels who are quite tolerant of humans due in the main to the daily presence of walkers both with and without dogs.

With this image and a sun low to the horizon I feel that I have captured the intensity that these birds display when hunting.

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  1. Well done John at getting these. It was a lovely warm day, tomorrow supposed to be the same, I hope as I am not at work, queue heavy downpours lol