Friday, 2 January 2015

A quality experience with a quality subject.

What a gorgeous day it was today, clear sunlit cloudless skies and warm temperatures ( 10 deg C ) for the time of year.

I knew that Stonechats were present in one of the reserves reed beds so I decided to occupy the hide and sit it out for a while.

Sure enough before too long the female pitched up for a look, Stonechats are a bit like Robins being curious and reasonably comfortable in the presence of people.

This little lady posed in a number of different positions in the late afternoon light, I did see the male bird but sadly he stayed at a distance.

An added bonus was some good images of a Wren.

                                             Classic pose with fanned tail.


  1. Great shots John, one of my favourite birds.

  2. Cracking shots John are these from your patch