Sunday, 11 January 2015

Kestrel with a point of view .................

I always check out electricity pylons from top to bottom for birds of prey and on this occasion I am glad that I did.

Low down on the structure and not at all distant was this very confiding Kestrel that allowed me to take photographs for about ten minutes, I was quite surprised as I was standing out in the open with no cover but it showed no signs of flight.

I took a load of images many of which, when viewed on my return home, showed the bird with its eyes shut so I think it was feeling very secure on its perch and taking a bit of a midday snooze.

I have thought many times that it is the participation and tolerance  of birds that allow photo opportunities as much as the field craft of the photographer.  

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  1. I think with Kestrels you have to have good field craft they're very flighty. Great image